Seminar “Fashion Designers XX Century”

El próximo 20 de marzo desde el Departamento de Moda de la Universidad Villanueva, se organiza un seminario en inglés titulado “Fashion Designers XX Century”, abierto a todo público.

Topic: A review of the most relevant moments of dress and fashion since 1906 to the present. It will provide a critical perspective on the influence on contemporary fashion of referential designers of the XXth Century.

Professor: Ana Llorente – Costume History Professor, Communication & Fashion Management Degree, Villanueva University. Ana Llorente is specialist in history of dress, fashion and visual culture, developing her career at institutions such as UAM and Royal College of Art in London. One of her most recent research, “Fashion magazines as an ethno-iconographic document”, is based on a critical analysis of the use of ethnography in Vogue’s editorials (1949-2016).

Idioma: Inglés
Fechas: Martes, 20 de marzo y 3, 10 y 16 de Abril 2018
Horario: 16 a 19h
Lugar: Claudio Coello, 11, 28001 Madrid
Inscripciones: 195 euros, matricularse online en este enlace

Contacto: +34 91 734 04 13 /

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