Mariam Vizcaíno

Profesora de Arte y Moda en el Título de Comunicación y Gestión de Moda CGM.

Doctor in the History of Art by UCM and active as an honorary member of the Modern Art Department of the University.

At Villanuieva University College, she has taught, among other courses, History of Contemporary Art, History of Ancient & Medieval Art, the Language of Image and Philosophy of knowledge & culture. At present she teaches Contemporary Artistic Movements in the School of Communication. She has also taught courses on Baroque and Rococo Art and Western Art at the University of Suffolk (UK) and courses on the History of Art and Iconography at the Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Madrid.

Among her published Works is “El pintor en la sociedad madrileña durante el reinado de Felipe IV” – Madrid society painters during the reign of Philip IV (published by Fundación Universitaria Española), and she has edited the book “La mujer en las artes” – Women in art (published by CEU Ediciones). She has contributed to numerous other works such as “Miradas de Cine” (Ed. Dossat) or “Van Gogh – la pintura como razón de vida” (Ed. CEU) in which she examines the relationship between the cinema and painting. Among her lectures and contributions to the media, worthy of mention are the lecture “Artistic Vanguard and Fashion: Sonia Delaunay” and the program on Spanish National Radio “Following in the footsteps of Coco Chanel”

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