Miguel Angel Martín Cárdaba

Profesor Sociología de la Moda en el Título de Comunicación y Gestión de Moda CGM.

Graduated in Philosophy from the University at Navarre, where he won 3rd place in the National Graduating Students’ GPA award, M.A in Sociology at UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a distancia) and Doctor in Information Science at the School of Sociology VI at UCM.

He has been a “Visiting Scholar” at the London School of Economics where he was Class Teacher in Marketing at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management.

At present he teaches Psychology applied to Advertising and Public Relations, and Anthropology at Villanueva University College. He is also Visiting Professor at the School of Sociology VI of UCM, and teaches the course “Communication & Persuasion” in the Master Program “Institutional & Political Communication” organized by UC3M (Universidad de Carlos III, Madrid) in conjunction with Unidad Editorial Group.

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