Silvia Lopez Aguirrebengoa

Profesora de Sistemas y Procesos de la Industria de la Moda en el Título de Comunicación y Gestión de Moda CGM.

Silvia graduated in European Business Studies at ICADE, Madrid (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas) and Middlesex Business School, London. After her stay in London (1988-91) and in Brussels (1992) where she worked for the EEC, she played an important role in the international expansion of the Q-ELLOS, a bespoke shirt-making chain, especially in the opening of sales outlets in the U.K., Belgium and Portugal.

Her professional career is closely linked to the French hypermarket chain Carrefour where she worked for ten years in the central Textile Buying department: first as Product Manager of men’s, women’s and children’s underclothes and socks, and later as Line Manager of Children & Young People’s clothes and women’s underwear. Finally she became Category Manager and was responsible for defining strategies in Women’s and Young People’s apparel.

From 2005 to 2007 she was Chief Buyer of TRUCCO (InSitu Inc.) a clothing chain, and headed a team of 20 which was responsible for design, buying and supplies.

At present she is area manager for design and purchasing in the Urban Woman and Denim departments of Sfera Joven (El Corte Inglés Group), where she began in 2004 as New Projects-Visual Merchandising and Store Image Manager.

Silvia is no stranger to a number of NGOs and has taken an active part in raising funds, finding contributors and organizing events such as Infancia con futuro (Infants with a future). She helped to extend the commercialization of local hand-made textile products through the Carrefour Solidarity Foundation and Codespa.

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