About the Degree

The Degree in Fashion Communications & Management (CGM) is a BA degree offered by Centro Universitario Villanueva, a private university accredited by Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

The content of the degree program gives students the know-how and tools to occupy positions of responsibility in the world of fashion communication and management. FCM studies are carried out alongside those of the student’s main degree course, which may be International Business Management, Journalism, Advertising, Audiovisual Communication or Law. Students on this degree course devote one afternoon per week to taught classes, and in addition visit companies and agencies. Students are also required to attend specialized courses or congresses, and to take part in events organized by different brand names.

You can study the Degree in Fashion Communications & Management together with these Degrees:


CGM degree is unique in that it is the only BA degree course in Fashion Communications & Management offered in Spain. Students begin studying fashion in first year of the career. It is focused on offering career oportunitites to students in the fashion industry.

Key features of CGM degree include:

  • High entry requirements and discipline.
  • Academic content
  • Research
  • An international profile

CGM is unique in that it is the only degree course in fashion offered by any Spanish university.

It provides all know-how and tools to hold leading positions in the fashion industry..